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You receive the following insurance benefits with the proper club registration and all individual athlete and coach membership. 


This insurance is at no extra cost; it is part of the AAU registration.

Your athletes will have accident insurance at all practices and AAU-licensed events.

  1. If your entire team acquired AB (added benefit) insurance, provided that all have the AB coverage and the coach, they would also have accident insurance at nonlicensed events as long as a recognized organization offers them.

  2. You will have site insurance at all practices – many schools will not let you practice without proof of insurance.  You can receive a practice insurance certificate to give to your facilities.  You have to apply for the practice insurance certificate, free of charge.

  3. You will have liability insurance – this is huge for the coaches working with these athletes.

  4. If you have a level 2 club membership, you can apply for a license to host an event at $50 daily.  This license also gives you insurance at no extra cost for the event.

  5. Your athlete and non-athlete registrations allow you to enter any AAU-licensed event.

  6. Your coaches will automatically go through a background check at no extra cost when applying for their registration.  This is protection for you, your athletes, and your club.

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